How To Drive Sales Through Effective SEO

The Liverpool Cake Company has been one of our most exciting clients, and a perfect demonstration to illustrate the effectiveness of our services combined with a bit of your own initiative.

The Liverpool Cake Company was the type of company that used Facebook as their main call for contact online. Considering the competition one faces on Facebook and the need to be ‘in the right place at the right time’, it’s no surprise that they had little activity in terms of enquiries and orders. After all, nowadays, people tend to do a quick online search to find what they are looking for, be it just cakes that they’re ordering.

The Liverpool Cake Company approached us expecting us to help build their brand online and drive enquiries.  We set out two clear, relatively simple objectives a) provide a customer friendly website that follows their company theme b) to dominate the local search engine results in order to drive traffic thus increasing enquiries and orders.

We designed a great and professional looking website for them, detailing their specialty and the wide range and unique style of cakes they’ve in store for their customers. We also detailed their prices, which seemed to be rather reasonable compared to their competitors in the area. They surely seemed to be offering better rates and even arguably a better service to their competitors, it’s just that they weren’t gaining enough exposure.

However, a lot of the competitors do have a website, but they still hadn’t managed to make it big, all thanks to not focusing at all on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By doing some keyword analysis we found that TLCC had a lot of potential clients waiting for them, but they needed to ‘rank’ for their local keywords. So we did some quality linkbuilding on the website and in no time they started ranking for highly targeted terms such as Liverpool birthday cake, Liverpool wedding cake, Liverpool christening cake, and so on. By no surprise ranking for these terms started flooding their site with highly targeted traffic and the enquiries soon started following.

However we can’t take full credit, they worked hard and not only took our advice for steps forward but also done their own research. They remained active on social media, something that can help any businesses to look trusted and authoritative in the eyes of the search engines. They also started blogging about cakes, attracting regular curious visitors to their site as well as helping them maintain their website’s rankings in Google.

Here’s what they have to say about the work we did for them:

“I know I’ve recommended SRE Web Solutions before but I really want to say again how pleased I am, not just with my website and the amount of extra business it’s brought, but also with the fantastic ongoing service provided. It really makes a difference to know that the site can be kept up to date at all times. I’m sure this makes a difference to potential customers and is one of the reasons my orders have more than doubled since the website was launched. Thanks so much.”

“I am now getting more orders through my website than FB or people I know! I recommend you to anyone who show the slightest inkling they may be wanting a website (or perhaps even if they don’t!).”