5 Reasons why your WIX website could be failing your business

5 Reasons why your WIX website could be failing your business

Wix is one of the most popular site designers out there right now, and it’s easy to see why. Easy to use, with clean open designs that are nice at first glance, with a free payment option available.

But like all things that are too good to be true, once you take a closer look it’s not all as it seems.

There are a few reasons certain businesses should never use Wix for their websites, each of which can cause major problems in the long term. Read on to find out why, and if your business is one that’s heading down that road.

Google’s best friend or sworn enemy?

The first, and largest reason to question Wix is simple.

Rumours have it that Google’s not a fan.

Wix was famously known for their Flash heavy, slow loading pages. Google ranked pages related to Wix sites further down than they otherwise would compare to a website running WordPress or another CMS.

What did all this mean?

It meant that when you created a website using Wix, you were putting yourself at a disadvantage, before you even start.

After all, you’re creating a website to drive interest, and inevitably sales and your competitors are doing the same. You know as well as we do that people searching on Google only ever look at the first page of results. Probably even only the first two or three. So as you can imagine this wasn’t ideal.

But don’t panic – Wix has upped their SEO game in the past year, however it means you’ll need to pull your finger out to unravel their updates to your advantage.

Meta titles and description tags

One of these updates being able to configure your meta title and description tags.

Telling Google exactly what your page is about is essential for to showing up in the search results for your target keywords. A webpage meta title and meta description are both big tools in helping to achieve this.

Think of these as the title and blurb of a book. Try picking up a book with them missing and explaining what the book is about – it’ll be hard right! Now you feel Google’s pain.

This is one key reason where Wix is letting down its users. Take it upon yourself to update the title and description tags by reading this article.

It’s just too easy

Right now, I bet you’re squinting at your screen, wondering why Wix being too easy to use is a downside.


Wix is easy. But because of that fact, and because it’s basically just drag and drop, there’s a very limited amount of real customisability with Wix websites.

No matter what you do, you’re going to end up with the same basic, cookie cutter designs as everyone else. If you’ve seen one or two sites on Wix, you’ve seen the vast majority of them out there. That’s a direct consequence of it being so damn easy to use.

For example, Wix has a total of around 500 website templates available. Taking a quick look on ThemeForest, a site that sells templates for Wordpress, one of the most popular site frameworks in the world, shows that there’s 11,000 templates there, alone!

What this means for you is choosing to build your site through Wix limits your options before you even begin.

You’ve probably got an idea of what your site should look like, and what you want it to look like.

Unfortunately, attempting it to build it through a site builder means that you probably won’t be able to make that vision into a reality. Especially if you’re looking for something that reeks of quality and professionalism, or something a little more bespoke and customisable.

If you really just need a simple, one or two page site that doesn’t do anything special, Wix is great. For anything more, you should definitely look elsewhere.

Limited plugin support

Another reason you might want to think about giving Wix the miss is if you’re selling products, or otherwise need a lot of plugin support on your sites.

It’s true that Wix has a plugin dashboard, and there’s a good number of options there, but it’s nowhere near perfect, or even comprehensive.

When you look at something like WordPress, there’s literally thousands of plugins for every single thing you might want, and another thousand for things you haven’t even considered.

Wix has a few hundred plugins that focus on the core needs of a site, but the choice compared to other options out there is still more limited.

Then, when you consider that Wix might charge you for apps and functionality that you could get for free elsewhere, it starts to break down.

Lastly, Ecommerce support, for anyone running a shop, is competent and functional but limited, and surprisingly expensive. You could be paying up to £25 a month to use their ecommerce platform, and when you’re already paying that, plus Wix hosting costs, you should be asking why you didn’t just get your own site built.

Growing is impossible

Hopefully, your little business won’t stay little for long.

But as it grows, the needs will grow with it. More traffic might mean bigger servers, better ecommerce support, even just a rebranding.

That’s … difficult on Wix.

Because everything is built on Wix’s proprietary framework, making sweeping changes isn’t easy to do, and it’s damn near impossible to migrate your data anywhere else. If you want to make large changes to the site, it’s like building the entire thing from scratch!

Not only that, but shifting themes and adding plugins to increase functionality and usability of sites is hard on Wix too.

But working with a good designer makes it easy. All of your data isn’t linked to your site, meaning that if you want to make massive changes, rebrand, upgrade, it’s simple and easy.

Nothing is yours

So after all this, why do people use Wix?

Simple. It’s easy to use, and also because it’s free.

But, like with everything in life, free comes with a cost. And the cost on Wix can outweigh its benefits.

If you host your site on Wix using their free service, you don’t own anything. Nothing is yours.

This is probably the worst thing possible. It means the domain name and templates aren’t yours and can be taken away. If you make one mistake, break terms of service at all, even in the slightest way, Wix can pull your site at any time.

But more than that, any content hosted on Wix, articles you’ve written, reports you have, sales material, it’s all owned by Wix.

I’ll say that again, because it’s mind blowing to me.

Any content hosted on a free Wix site is owned by them, not you.

Imagine working to start a business, only to hand ownership to someone else because you’re leasing a physical building to work in. You just wouldn’t do it. So why hand over your power to Wix?

What should I do instead?

Honestly, there’s a lot to like about Wix. It is simple, and it is easy to use.

If you need a really basic website put together in literally an hour, feel free to use Wix.

But if you’re serious about online business. If you want a professional, clean, powerful site that you have complete control over. If you own your own business, sell products or your services online. You should always consider hiring a designer. 

From the start, you’re giving yourself all the advantages you need to thrive.

  • You’ll have a huge advantage on Google: Custom built sites are built with SEO in mind, putting you right at the top of relevant search results, and because it’s all under constant maintenance, adapting for new strategies and rolling out ad campaigns is easy and effective.
  • Your site will be beautiful, and bespoke: We’ve all seen a million websites that just don’t grab attention, because they look like every single other site out there. But a site built by a designer will grab the attention of your customers, and guide them through the sales process, exactly where you want them to be at all times.
  • Changes are easy to make: If you’re doing it yourself, you’ve got to find the time to do everything. From structuring advertising and driving traffic, creating content, even learning how to build the damn site in the first place. How much is your time worth? If you’re using that time frustratingly trying to get your site working instead of more productively, how much money are you losing? It’s so much easier to put it in the hands of a professional, so you can get on with doing what you need to do.
  • It will be easy to use: Ever wanted to buy something, or learn about a product only to not be able to find what you need, and end up clicking around desperately? So have we. That’s just bad design. It loses you customers, and it’s obviously something to avoid.
  • It’s out of your hands, and under control: Imagine you get featured somewhere, and a huge amount of traffic is driven to your site. Imagine all those potential clients, wanting your services. Now imagine your site going down, because there’s too much traffic for it to handle. It happens, and it happens often. Working with a designer means that any issues can be fixed instantly, and easily.
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have you seen our startup business website packages?
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